Vietstar Airlines Multirole Corporation (VSA) is an aviation companny specialized in Passenger – Cargo Transport, Aircraft Repairing & Maintenance, Aviation Fuel supplying and pilot training in Vietnam. Vietstar Airlines Multirole Corporation is a member belong to Vietnam Air defence – Airforce, Ministry of Defence.
Vietstar Airlines is a joint-stock entrtprise that joint venture withAir Defence Air-force , including Aircraft Repair Company A41 is a shareholder of the Company.

Passenger Charter Flight

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Providing passenger transportation by air in order to meet the needs of customers who want to transport quickly and conveniently

Airport Ground Handling

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Supplying ground handling services for airlines operating at the LCCT to ensure that the flight will take-off and landing safety

Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul

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Providing aircraft maintenance & overhaul services for airlines operating in Viet Nam and Asia. The aircraft served primarily is Airbus, Boeing, ATR-72,Bombardier and other small wings aircraft

Flight Training

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Providing Pilot Training Services, Type rating from basic to commercial pilot. In addition, we also supply pilots for the commercial airlines operating in Viet Nam and Asia.

Aircraft Maintenance and Overhaul

Posted date: 25/04/2017 01:56 GMT+7
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The company provides aircraft maintenance and repair services for airlines operating at Tan Son Nhat airport. The aircraft served primarily are Airbus-320, Airbus-321, Boeing 737-300 to 737-900, ATR-72, Bombardier and other aircraft with fixed wings.

Currently, Tan Son Nhat Airport are serving for over 25 International Airlines and 3 domestic Airlines. Corresponding to these number of airlines are more than 250 flights coming and going daily.

According to the above figures, the need for aircraft maintenance and repairing has increased. To meet the needs of aircraft maintenance and repair, the Company has built two hangars under international standards and complying with the requirements of the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam. The engineers are trained in theory and OJT directly in the famous hangar in Europe and America.

Currently, the Company is providing repairing  and maintenance services for narrow body aircraft such as Airbus-A320, Airbus-A321, Boeing B737-300 and B737-900, ATR-72, Bombardier and the fixed wing aircraft.